Sleazy Remix 2.0 - Get Sleazier 2011

❤'d ya since you started & still ❤'n even more today Smile Keep it up & show the haters the finger Wink You rock!!!!

I love your music Ke$ha, mostly you <3
Ima Cannibal/Animal for life.

OMG!!! You have the best music ever ke$ha! You blow my mind!

love u k$ u make me happy always


sup homos. minikesha songwriter is back online after about a week i think. so wats new

This music is absolutly amazing I'm in love with this. I love Ke$ha very much!

u r my rolemodel ke$ha! <3<3<3<3<3<3

i love you so damn much , you are my rolmodel , you inspires me so much <33333

im one uf ur biggest fans keshaaaaa i love you so so so soo much and wanna bi like you with my everythinngggg <3 Tongue Laughing out loud