Free Ke$ha Concert

August 18, 2010
If you're in the New York City Area this Thursday August 19th, then head on over to Paper Magazine's official site to snag some free tickets to Ke$ha's performance at the Sounds Like Paper 2010 event at Roseland Ballroom. Doors open at 6pm and tickets are super limited - so you better head on over to get yourself a pair!!

hea, Ke$ha listen to "Boots n Boys"'s goin to be the sounds kinda comin up..u know..that kinda las vegas kinda..l.a. underground sounding trak..okay, it's not ur best but it's the beats that's goin to keep u hot..u know..the song just needs some boom boom..u know...hea, ur just goin to be so great this year!

Okay,seriously,WTF??????? 21+ Not f***ing fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so heart-broken when I found out that K$'s free concert at South-Street Seaport would be canceled because of the Drake incodent.And Now I find out that it's re-scheduled in a nigh-club with an age limit,Not fair.I'm so pissed >:(. It's not K$'s fault but still,not cool.If I Knew it would be in a club,I woulda had my friend make me a fake ID lol COME TO NEW YORK FOR PRIVATE CONCERT WHEN YOUR DONE WITH RIHANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVED YOU AT MSG,COMEBACK!!!!!