Get Sleazy

November 02, 2010
Get Ke$ha's new song "Sleazy" from her upcoming album Cannibal at iTunes today. Take a listen below if you haven't heard it yet. Ke$ha's new album Cannibal will be released on Nov. 22nd but you can pre-order Cannibal from Ke$ha's Official Music Store for only $7.99!

Check out a video message from Ke$ha!!

Love this song! Also I love Cannibal! I've been listening to it on youtube for weeks now! Can't wait to the album comes out!

WE R WHO WE R Fan Made Music Video!!!


I'm seriously freaking LOVING this song.
Also, I've been listening to Cannibal all day.... I think that it's hands down the best dancing song I've heard in a while... I predict that it will be the most popular song in all the clubs. Smile Can't wait to hear the whole album!

OMG.....this song is RAD!!!. AND she finally came out wit a new album!

Loved it!!! Waiting soo much for new album!!

Great song...Gonna make me cum, cum, cum, cum.

A W E $ O M E

Funny lyrics and the twist on them accented/word play to alter-slur meaning. The circle jerkin' line is hilarious.. Ever sat on a speaker with the bass all the way up to 11, like seen in Howard Stern's movie? j/k Wink But the song is Very Bass heavy!!

very very very cool song!i like it very much. congratulations, it's a great song