K$ On Conan

K$ On Conan

December 05, 2012
K$ and Conan got dirty chatting last night…AND K$ performed “Die Young”! Watch everything unfold below.

i was actually doin a major jackoff procedure earlier because i was thinkin about gettin with somebody else, technically a couple of somebody elses, but... lol memory loss included... its a major jackoff for that kind of thing to be happening. to the chinese palace: nightmares evolve into correlations between real life happenings of situations unseen in nature... evidence in dream found... guy by red truck says the cops are coming, walk across to the parking lot, truck is there without hte guy beside it, iw as sleepiing across the road for a while.

but i kinda cried a little bit cuz it was supposed ot be something special to you whenever i did it for you in real person up front close to you, and i'm not for sure, but i'm almost ocmpletely sure tha tyou souldnt have done it across the hall from me, so you might wanna fidn that peson and avoid yeling at htem instead

dont flush next time you go poopissie, jsut the second one, but washyour hands, take a deep breath, and remember that you dont have to smell that stuff like that ever again

i also had some tea afterwards, but mine's fine again now

dont be yellin at my mom like that whenever you call the palace. its not a good thing. i'm gonna finish writing these two new bad songs, they're actually good ones instead of the stuff for schoolhouses. my shoulder and side started hurting me again, but my knee is fine for the mostpart now. i had somethin i was gonna tell you about less than 2 minutes ago, so if you could have Kate check it out for you, you'll be able to see what it was

i should have some money from the lawyer's office of my ex-mother tomorrow, and my mom kate is probably getting mad that she hasnt heard from us. if your not too busy, you could probably call buckingham and talk to her sometime, and tell her that we arent gonna be able to flirt with each other anymore

i've been walking around everywhere, smokin cigarettes, pickin up change. you havent been around with them, but i tried to send a call for you to know where i was at so that you could pick me up, but i left that morning instead of waiting for the night because i had something to do. if you want come through and send a call to the courthouse to cancel your case, just tell them its accredited to lancaster. i miss you, but i gotta stop playin games with these chicks, the guys at the highschool are startin to threaten me with buttlovin for sayin i'm gonna and then not, sayin that i should be needing that instead of... i've found enough food, but with how much i've been walking, i had to resort to undamaged cleans. i've cut back down and only had 3 cigs today, but as soon as i get moving with my moneyflow again, i'm going to just grab some incense and use it to keep showered until i get to a room.

i think i made a timeslot of 1 hour for one time on CC, but i need to figure out how to get it passed off so that i dont have to sign anything and end up ruining my UK citizenship


no clubs, literal lol