Kesha Spirit Animal Quiz

December 07, 2010
Check out Ke$ha's special message on Spirit Animals and learn how you can find your own!

Ever wonder what YOUR spirit animal is? Well you can find out right here on! Simply take the all-new spirit animal quiz to find out if you are a Wolf, an Owl, a Narwhal, a Panther, a Rabbit, or a Bear. After you find your animal, your personal profile will be put on a “team” with other like-minded animals. So go take the quiz, find out your animal, and start meeting the rest of your team!

Also make sure to check out an exclusive video of Ke$ha explaining your animal

And If that’s not enough incentive, you’ll also get sweet rewards for taking the coupons you can use in Ke$ha’s Official Store, so get to it!

im a panther.

Im A Narwall Laughing out loud

how do i find out what my spiret animal is

hey kesha
you are a really cool singer and the wolf is a really cool animal

I wish that you would visit Salt Lake City Utah and New Mexico. California would Be ok.

I love Your song We are Who You are!!!

i'm panther and it sounds like $ ! #whatthehell it's cool to got panther. i mean panther and leopard just like brother and sister right ? $exy !

i'm a panther, so i am cannibal! i don't understand this

oh yea ke$ha if you read this. I have alot of indian blood so I can't grow a beard and im not fat. will you still marry me? i'm poor if that counts lol

Panther Babyyy,
"Stephen, why won't you call me?"