Save Street Dogs in Latin America and the Caribbean!

Save Street Dogs in Latin America and the Caribbean!

December 03, 2012
My family has adopted a number of street dogs from Latin America and they are some of the sweetest animals. But for most street dogs, life involves a constant struggle to find food, shelter and safety. Many suffer from disease, malnourishment and injury. A shockingly small number are fortunate enough to find a kind hand to help care for them. To add to their challenge, the overpopulation of these animals is often dealt with through cruel means such as poisoning, electrocution and shooting. Help me help these neglected and abused animals get the humane treatment they deserve through spay, neuter, and treatment programs through the Humane Society International. A lucky few will even find loving homes in the United States. If you don't have money to donate you can still help by donating your time and your voice to your local humane society. You hold the power to change the lives of street dogs all over the world.

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Photo by: Erin Van Voorhies

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I know that most people here in New Zealand don't really care about street/lost dogs. But in Torbay I have seen the community help street/lost dogs which is really good.

Thats really nice of you to do that