She is dating some dude who was the drummer or something in Industrial rock band NIN I believe.

Which stinks because I wanted to ask her out on a date this summer :/

She is in love with her "Crazy Beautiful Life" love that song


Dude, why pry into her personal life. Keep it private.

She's dating no one. Smile

soon, itll be me >:D

does it really matter what she does in her personal life?? its her private life for a reason....leave it private dude...

i think its totally fine to ask that question actually... its not wrong to be curious...

IDK. Laughing out loud -`Kitty-2-Dope'

you should just leave ke$ha alone and let her enjoy her crazy beautiful life!

she likes who she likes

i'm too enlove that my crazy beautiful life... with the parties, the dessaster, with my friends than pretty & plaster!!!

how about you dont f***ing worry about it?

I don't know...however, a person who has their own tastes and preferences, in his virtues and his defects! XD

She is dating a basketball player for the cleveland cavaliers, it is about time she pick some of the more athleticlly inclined. Right On Kesha!! I hope to see some of the taller than 6 feet guys get some love.

Whoever it is, I imagine he has a beard ;P

Well whoever she líkes but i would to meet and date her i said it i would like she seems like a nice crazy with the party but nice chick

Ke$ha, Will you go on a 1 night stand with me?You' re awesome. esp.

Ke$ha, Will you go on a 1 night stand with me? Esp you`re awesome. Shy