we need a name for kesha....

hey other kesha fans, i was just on facebook and i was on lady gaga's page and apparently Lady Gaga calls all of her fans her "little monsters". And they call her "mother monster" back. I totally think we should do something like this with kesha, cuz id feel closer to her. Plus, i kinda worship her Smile so it would be cool if us fans had a special name we could call her besides her public name: kesha. if anyone thinks this is a good idea and has a nickname for kesha, write it below.

well her name is KE$HA! and I 100% agree we r animals! all of us and dont forget it! every thing we feel is instinctive but we have been raised in a socitey that dosnt allow us to be free! I love how ke$ha points that out and free's us into being us, being the creachers we are!!!!

Now let me think of a great name! I am thinking animals animals have Alpha's leaders, herds,flocks,packs, we have to think of like a name for her as her for a leader,

We can call her Alpha sign ( $ ) and we could be the cent cubs.....or someting lol, idk i'm trying to combine all ideas lol Tongue

^^^ yeah anytime something is forced, it just doesnt feel right and loses its meaning
especially when its done just because someone else did it first

Smile Dollar $ign? Don't know?

ya, maybe animal. but mother animal doesnt sound right...maybe the Almighty Animal (haha)

Laughing out loud I personally (in my psychotic mind, of course) call her Animal.
Just because I totally agree with her about how we ARE animals, and so many people forget that. Plus, because she is so free spirited and animalistic (in a completely awesome way) that it just feels right to call her that. Smile

yeah, thats a good idea Smile I'll think on something Wink


I agree, we are animals...but what in the world would make since to call her? Mother Nature? O.o lol

We can call her 'Krazy Ke$ha.'
She call call us her 'Krazy Kreeps' or 'Krazy Kids.'
Her choice.

i love the mother nature idea....its recognizable and it shows keshas wild side. but we def. need to incorporate the dollar sign.

ill just call her ke$ha Smile

I better just call it even Kesha .. Well, I do not think I need a nickname, it would be up for that we chose. If it were to choose a nickname it would be up a little better. But still prefer just Kesha. Tongue

What about us being mother nature$ cub$...? Or like kesha is really into spirit stuff so maybe $pirit mother or something. and everyone else could be $pirit $ister$ and brother$....well maybe not cuz that kinda sounds like something a diehard hippie would say, but still...maybe something like that.

yeah, as i said earlier, i prefer to just call her ke$ha (or kesha)
i mean i think its just looking way to much into it trying to come up with some kinda nickname to call her just cause lady gagas fans call her something
(plus, its trying to copy someone elses style, which kinda goes against what ke$has been saying all along about just being yourself)

Actually it was Gaga who created the whole "Little Monsters" and "Mother Monster" stuff... so I guess we might way till Ke$ha starts calling her fans something! Smile

@rockerseven, i totally get ur opinion that we shouldnt copy someone elses style but i really liked the idea and a lot of other people said they liked it thro this thread. The whole point of this topic was to see if this was a good idea and thats why i ASKED if it was a good idea in the beginning comment. i guess if enough ppl say its a bad idea and we should stop than ill stop replaying to this thread but since its just u, i think we can keep brainstorm names.

I think its the spirit animals, or its just the animals:) <3

ke$ha-whore$ Laughing out loud

I Don't Know.

Yeah I think we should wait for Ke$ha to come up with a name but for now we're her animals.

Maybe it could be something about the animals (remember albums released) ... I don't know ...
for example<--"cannibal brothers" or other nicknames such as these.Laughing out loud

We're going to call her "Gode$$" since it will place her on a plateau higher than Lady Gaga. I already worship Ke$ha so I have no problem with it.

IDK if you can really name something like that. It seems to me that Lady Gaga's fans did that spontaneously. You can't just expect to have a name just b/c someone else did it.

I feel that if Ke$ha's fans do get a name, it should be natural.

I'm thinking maybe something to do with Honey Badgers.

what about since shes a cannibal we be her animals?
i like it but thats just me

Hmmm... what about 'Pygmies?' Some of them were cannibals I think back in the day.

animal maybe?

i like the animal idea. like The Animal$.

I thin k KE$HA WHORES for us fans is hilarious. I totally support it. But "lil animals" will probably be more accepted.

And maybe "Queen Cannibal" is a good one for K$

i think we should be called her "animals" or her "lil cannibals" or something along those lines :)i like the animal one better though but im up for anything i just lvoe kesha Smile

so i think we all agree that we are her ANIMAL$, all the comments im seeing are about us being her animals so idk about anyone else but im a ke$ha animal and im stickin to it Smile

so i think we all agree that we are her ANIMAL$, all the comments im seeing are about us being her animals so idk about anyone else but im a ke$ha animal and im stickin to it Smile

Ke$ha= Mother Sleaze

Kreepy Kritters

Ke$ha's fanbase, are known as 'Animals'. Getting a lot of people I know to change this would not go down well.
As for Monsters, they are a very paranoid and accusational fanbase. They accuse pretty much any artist of copying their Mother Monster, so calling Ke$ha 'Mother ____' would cause an uproar between the fanbases. It sounds stupid, I know! - but these things DO happen between fanbases, I've seen it happen, and I'vr argued against it.
However, recently a new nickname has been created, we are her 'Little Pennies' and Ke$ha is 'Mother Dollar', I don't think it's a serious fanbase name though, it can only really be used by Animals, to Animals.
Let me outline the fandoms:
Bieber - Beliebers
Nicki Minaj - Barbies
Rihanna - Rihanna Navy
Lady Gaga - Little Monsters
Jason Derulo - Derulers
Ariana Grande - Arianators
Katy Perry - KatyKats
Neon Hitch - Gypsies
One Direction - Directioners
Beyonce - BeyHive

I know I've left out a LOT - that's just how many fandoms there are.

We're her Animals but I'm not sure what is her name. I'm sure Ke$ha will think of something.

God$ha or Boob$ha :3 this i Like!

Well... They call her mother monster and we don't want to go off of that to much... So I think what our fan name should be is "glitter heads"... Because well Kesha loves her glitter... Maybe we could do something with that. Like "glitter queen???" something to still keep the connection likeness... Like how any band or sing's fans are represented. What do u think? What is Kesha's thought in the matter?

We should just call her Kesha

... she's like our mother tiger and we're her cubs so we shuld have some sort of wild jungle cat thing for her name.

... well Ke$ha's kinda like our mama tiger and we're her cubs so i think we sould have some sort of wild cat thing in her name

I Was just Thinking the same thing!!

Well our name is "Animals" so IDK really lol...

Ke$ha has been calling fans "animals" lately so that might be a nickname

Um... Our queen druid, like a protector of animals (im a history and video game nerd), um.. zoo keeper is a lil wierd, Our... im really not sure... btw, i worship her as well, so you have some stiff competition here buddy Tongue

Lady Animal

Ma$tar Ke$ha / Animal

Lady Dollar $ign

As needed a name for kesha and has a name and is spectacular life you get yourself one guys / girls;)

As needed a name for kesha and has a name and is spectacular life you get yourself one guys / girls;)

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