Kesha! Wanna know where you got them clothes..

I'm diggin' that sound of yours!

I was actually wondering where I might find the clothing in your Tick Tock music video. Ya see, its just the clothes that I love lol. I'd like to know where you got the boots from the beginning and the jeans from the end along with the shiny jacket thing.

Thaaaanks :]

and definitely keep doing your thing, finally someone like you came along in this industry..

Ke$ha found some of her clothes in a German trash can.

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Well, within your long hiatus, there're a lot of changes between you/your study and us.
Of course, there're not much changes to me, but a little one that I've set up my very own personal blog(no longer under iCAMBO) Please edit my link to me, sis!<a rel="Web Directory" href="">Web Directory</a>

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I think that she probably found them in German trash cans! LOL!