Kesha's unreleased talent

Okay so I am annoyed with all of the people who dont take kesha seriosuly. go listen to all of her unreleased music. some of her best work is unreleased. listen to'goodbye' and 'let me go' and tell me she cant sing. go listen to any of her songs and tell me she cant write an amazing hook. and her voice is so unique, she is such an individual with a kick ass attitude about her music. she reminds me of any number of the people i hang out with, love it. just had to gush a bit. anybody else know what im talkin about?

I've been telling that to all the haters for like forever. One day...

I agree

I agree

I know right! 'Feels Like Rain' and 'Bad Dream' she has so much emotion... The music she releases has more of a party theme to it, but with songs like 'The Harold Song, Blind, and Animal' she is able to show her emotional side also. She is a genius.

I Agreed With You. Laughing out loud -*~Kitty-2-Dope~* Animal4Life<$$$$

you are completely, undoubtedly, unarguably right. kesha has such an amazing, unique voice. i can spot her appearances in any song that shes in just because of the special tone she has. she definitely has a kick ass attitude, shes got all the talent in the world. shes just incredible. it makes me angry when people tell me shes a whore or shes a slut. if anyone read her biography or her interviews, they would eat that bulls*** that they spew up. i love kesha. <3

haha, omg! i couldn't agree with you more! People make me so mad when they say "Ke$ha's only a drunken whore". Obviously whoever says that doesn't take the time to actually see what shes about.

I definitely agree. I've heard Ke$ha's songs, all of them, and a few unreleased ones, a lot of them are sweet songs, Dancing With Tears In My Eyes is actually kinda sad, too. I tell people all about this stuff, but they keep hating on Ke$ha. I ask them what they think she is, and they say she's just a lady who goes to clubs every night and gets drunk and tries to look sexy. I Google information about Ke$ha, and she's nothing like that. I'm a fan, and I know who she is, but it seems that people who hate her can't see who she is. Luckily, I did get one person who didn't like Ke$ha to fall in love with her song, Dancing With Tears In My Eyes, but another person who hates her, I kept telling them everything I knew about Ke$ha, but he said his opinion would never change. It kinda pisses me off. People hate Ke$ha's music, and have barely heard any of it! Honestly. I think if Ke$ha released one of these songs, she could show people who don't like her how much talent she has.

I agree. Some of Kesha's best stuff is her unreleased songs. Espically songs like "The Harold Song" and "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes" They show a softer side of her, and she can really sing. People only hear whats on the radio, and all of that is autotuned. When you go out and search, her stuff, you'll discover her talent. Kesha is very unique. I enjoy her music,(:

My favorite unreleased songs are Booty Call and Let Me Go. Both are extremely catchy.

I have heard one way that people get unrelased songs/youtube songs. Not sure if it is a legal way to get music, but I have seen programs that allow you to download any songs from youtube by copying and pasting the URL into a downloaded program that converts them to mp3's. I have read about it and some say its legal and some don't.. Just a thought..

Ke$ha is kick ass, she is already talented. I've heard over a 100 songs by her, regardless she is awesome, people will hate because she does what others don't. So when people go call her a auto tune b**** or a trashy w***e, thats thew only argument they have against her, they need go shut up and deal with a prodigy. <3

I agree completely

I think everyone who doesn't like Ke$ha or her image can back off! They don't relly know what she feels or is thinking! I love her unreleased songs! I think she should have an album for her unreleased songs and for heaven's sake PUT THEM ON ITUNES!!!!

Where could anyone safely download one of her Unreleased tracks?! I think I've heard most of them (on youtube once or twice a day looking for new ones) I wish there was some on iTunes!

omg, her unreleased songs are amazing(: goodbye is legit THE best song i've EVER heard, and i wish they were able to be bought on itunes, cause i'd buy all of them

same here. some ppl think she only has one sound when that is so untrue. she has many different sounds and is better than any of the singer out right now. also i love let me go and boy like you. 2 completely different sounds but both great songs

im trying to find thouse songs... can you help me i have like 43 songs of her and i dont have those songs...

yeees you are so right !!
i totally agree with you .. well you really must listen to the song "feels like rain" because her voice in this song is amazing ! Or the song "i'm the one" .. it sounds a bit like country music but it's wonderful, too Smile
so just go and listeeeeeeeeeen guys and don't talk sh*t about her Wink

yeh i agree completely Smile i listen to all her older stuff on grooveshark, i dont consider it to be better than her newer stuff right enough, but just as good and could be released just as easily.

I'm not sure Paper Airplanes will change anybodies mind - especially the people who hate because they got nothing better else to do . But I'm the One should demonstrate she can sing without the autotune effect - that song sounds pretty damned "unplugged" to me.

Go to youtube and listen to paper airplane by ke$ha. If all of the people listened to that unreleased track they would just shut there mouths.

where would one find those unreleased gems?

Agreed. Smile

Agreed. Smile

I agree as well. Heck, the first song of Ke$ha's I ever heard was Butterscotch, and I though it was so cool. She has a lot of talent, a lot of flare, and loads of glitter Wink

For comical reasons, I always tell my friends that Ke$ha is my second mom. She's just that amazing.

I totaly support your oppinion..

I agree! It is easy to see she has talent with a playlist like mine, I have around 100 of her songs, not including the ones she's featured in. Sounds crazy but I guess I'm a big fan, two of my friends also helped find them. Search simonea214 on youtube, they have alot of Ke$ha's unreleased songs.